Product Benefits

Start working 10 times faster, 95% more efficient, and 99.9% transparency guaranteed.

Effective Communication Channesl

Either use the newsletter channel, event publication, or the in-built SMS platform to reach out to parents or teachers.

Automate Data Backup & Unlimited Database

As your school data grow daily, we provide you with an auto data backup facility and an unlimited server bandwidth.

Online Enrolment & Admission Status Checking

Allow new applicants to enrol for admissions, generate admission slips, and check admission status through your school website

Automate Grading, Computation & Assignments

Result grading & computations are made faster and efficient for teachers using SchoolSuite+. Likewise uploading of assignments.

Enhance School-Parent Communication

Every parent want to be updated on the activities of their wards through active communication channels. SchoolSuite+ is a guarantee

Track Class Attendance & Students Performance

Automated class attendance to reflect on student's report sheet. SchoolSuite+ also enables student's performance ratings.

Eliminate Financial Leakages & Loopholes

Making finance error-free, secured, & transparent is the desire of every institution. SchoolSuite+ is the solution your school needs.

Automate Financial Ledger & Statement

Just as banks, SchoolSuite+ helps parents eaily get access to their ward's financial statement over a period of academic sessions.

Ensure Financial Security & Transparency

Start tracking how and when money flow in and out of your school account. SchoolSuite+ helps enhance accountant's efficiency.

Why Choose Us?

We are reliable, excellent, and affordable. See why:

Multi-Branch Support

One account for multiple branches. You can use one suite account for all school branches

Unlimited BandWidth

Being a technology-driven firm, we provide unlimited server bandwidth for clients.


Data is money and so must be protected jealously. We use secured cloud technology for all clients.

99% Uptime

Our engineers ensure all our clients get a 99% uptime experience both on the website and portal.

No Set Up Fees

You do not need to pay any sort of fees to set up your SchoolSuite+ account.

One Free Website

Being a technology-driven company, we go an extra mile to provide our clients with a free website

Meet Recent Beneficiaries

Join the league of other schools enjoying the simplicity and flexibility of our solution.

Call for Setup

Our setup is easy, flexible and fast. Setup happens just in 10 minutes.