About Us

Find out more about us and what make us unique.

Providing Reliable Solutions

SchoolSuiteNg is an educational software company focused on building reliable solutions for educational institutions. We are a team of productivity experts who are tranforming the eduction industry of Africa using technology.

We believe technology should be an integral and integrated component of every acadmic institution.

Exceptional Educational Solutions

To build innovative solutions that create the most appealing education experience for school administrators, teachers, bursars, students, and parents across Africa.

We work with highly experienced and skilled individuals to make this happen.

Help Our Customers

Enable innovative solution to addressing admission barriers. With our suite, schools can maximize the power of technology in their everyday school activities.

Why Choose Us?

We are reliable, excellent, and affordable. See why:

Multi-Branch Support

One account for multiple branches. You can use one suite account for all school branches

Unlimited BandWidth

Being a technology-driven firm, we provide unlimited server bandwidth for clients.


Data is money and so must be protected jealously. We use secured cloud technology for all clients.

99% Uptime

Our engineers ensure all our clients get a 99% uptime experience both on the website and portal.

No Set Up Fees

You do not need to pay any sort of fees to set up your SchoolSuite+ account.

One Free Website

Being a technology-driven company, we go an extra mile to provide our clients with a free website

What satisfied clients say

We are proud to know that clients love what we do through SchoolSuite+ solution.

Join Our Team

We are hiring smart persons who have good communication skills and can work without much supervision.